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B.Sc Physics Notes Complete Solution – Numerical Problems

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It’s a big challenge for us to upload the B.Sc Physics Notes with Complete solution, But our most honorable “Talha Usmani” Brother donated us the complete notes solution with Solved numerical Problem. You also like to Download FSc Part 1 Notes by Saifullah Khalid and FSC Physics Part 2 Notes in PDF Format

It’s a complete solution of B.Sc 1st year and B.Sc 2nd year. All of the notes recommended for those students who are from Punjab University

Paper A

Chapter 12: Rotational Dynamics

Chapter 16: Gravitation

Chapter 20: Sound Waves

Chapter 10: Collisions

Chapter 15: Oscillations

Chapter 6: Particle Dynamics

Chapter 9: System Of Particles

Chapter 45: Interference

Chapter 46: Diffraction

Paper B

Chapter 23: Kinetic Theory And The Ideal Gas

Chapter 25: Heat And The First Law Of Thermodynamics

Chapter 26: Entropy And The Second Law Of Thermodynamics

Chapter 51: The Structure Of Atomic Hydrogen

Chapter 28: The Electric Field

Chapter 29: Gauss’ Law

Chapter 30: Electric Potential

Chapter 31: Capacitors And Dielectric 

Chapter 32: Current And Resistance

Chapter 33: Direct Current Circuit

Chapter 35: Ampere’s Law

Chapter 36: Faraday’s Law Of Induction

Chapter 38: Inductance

Paper C

Chapter 49: Light And Quantum Physics

Chapter 50: The Wave Nature Of Matter


Past Year Papers Numerical Problem – Solved

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