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Hair Care Tips

Hair loss: Causes and Solutions

The hair tends to fall more in the changing seasons. However, if you notice that occurs throughout the year, perhaps it may be due to nutritional deficiencies in your diet. Hair loss is an issue that concerns both men and women. Hair loss encompasses problems ranging from mild hair loss to baldness. The term “anti-fall shampoo” no longer a commercial claim. They have no demonstrated effect on hair loss, brands …

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How to Prevent Female Hair Loss Naturally

According to a study, Most women make about 150 changes in the color of your hair during her life (you never thought they were that many?). This does not mean that use 150 different colors to the smallest change to lighten or darken account and, of course, damaging to the hair and cause of hair loss. 🙂   Having the opportunity to dye our hair is amazing since often need …

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