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FSc Physics Part 2 – Complete Notes Solutions

Notes by: Saifullah Khalid Govt. Post Graduate College Okara. These Notes have complete solution of long questions, short Questions and Numerical of FSc Physics Part 2. You Also Download FSC Physics Part 1 Notes Solution with Numerical You can download Complete Notes Solutions of Physics Part 2, that are given below. Any user can view Online or Download in PDF file just click on the notes name, After downloading notes open in any PDF Viewer software like Adobe Acrobat Reader or Any Modern Browser Like Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. 

Chapter 12 Electrostatics, FSc Physics Notes 

Chapter 13 Current Electricity, FSc Physics Notes

Chapter 14 Electromagnetism, FSc Physics Notes

Chapter 15 Electromagnetic Induction, FSc Physics Notes

Chapter 16 Alternating Current, FSc Physics Notes

Chapter 17 Physics of Solids, FSc Physics Notes

Chapter 18 Electronics, FSc Physics Notes

Chapter 19 Dawn of Modern Physics, FSc Physics Notes

Chapter 20 Atomic Spectra, FSc Physics Notes

Chapter 21 Nuclear Physics, FSc Physics Notes

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