Quran Tafseer in Urdu, Introduction to Quran – Urdu | Part 1

Dr. Israr Ahmed

Complete Tafseer/detailed explanation of the Quran in Urdu by the scholar Dr. Israr Ahmed. A great introduction to Quran Must Listen and share with your friends. Common start the journey today. This work of  Dr. Israr is being used today by scholars such as Dr. Zakir Naik and Nouman Ali Khan. May Allah grant Dr. Israr Ahmed a place in Janat Al-Firdous inshAllah. You also like New Bayan Raiwind IJTIMA | Maulana …

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FSc Physics Part 2 – Complete Notes Solutions

Notes by: Saifullah Khalid Govt. Post Graduate College Okara. These Notes have complete solution of long questions, short Questions and Numerical of FSc Physics Part 2. You Also Download FSC Physics Part 1 Notes Solution with Numerical You can download Complete Notes Solutions of Physics Part 2, that are given below. Any user can view Online or Download in PDF file just click on the notes name, After downloading notes open in any …

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Chapter 19 Dawn of Modern Physics, FSc Physics Notes – Part 2

Dawn of Modern Physics Introduction To The Chapter, Articles That Define In This Chapter Are Below. Introduction To Dawn Of Modern Physics By The End Of The 19th Century Modern Physics Theory Of Relativity Quamtum Theory Classical Physics Relative Motion Rest And Motion Are Also Relative Terms Internal Frame Of Reference Non Inertial Frame Of Reference Special Theory Of Relativity General Theory Of Relativity Result Of Special Theory Of Relativity …

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